About Massage

massage bedYour muscle tissue works hard every day. When it becomes stressed it can develop areas of tension. Left untreated those areas of tension can grow, cause pressure, restrict muscle movement and become a source of pain and discomfort.

Massage compresses muscle against bone to spread apart fibers so blood can flow more easily into muscle tissue. As the blood flows it carries life-giving oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. Blood also carries metabolic waste and toxins out of muscles.

Tight muscles can injure tendons. Tendons, the ends of muscles that attach to bone, are less pliable and more susceptible to injury. If the belly of the muscle is relaxed, the entire muscle is longer, which means it is and less likely to pull on the tendon.

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For all massage techniques:

NOTE: There is a $5 Covid sanitation fee added to each visit due top the steps put in place to keep clients safe.

Half-hour: $40
45 Minutes: $55
Full Hour: $70
90 Minutes $95
Two Hours: $130